Research and Data

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Experiment with Target Audience

Here you will find my experiment/data analysis and a timelapse of a few participants performing the experiment. Enjoy!

Expiriment Analysis
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Survey Anaylsis

In this section, you can find my survey analysis where I recap my reasoning for the survey as well as the process and key points and results from the survey. My survey results are included in my analysis but can also be found in the attached file called 'Survey Responses MM"

Survey Analysis
Survey Responses MM.png
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Research Outline

Here you will find information that I complied that pertains to my project that I found while researching. My research outline is attached below!

Brynn Paccione - Research Outline
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Annotated Bibliography

My annotated bibliography consists of 3 scholarly and 3 non-scholarly articles all found during my research. Each article is unique in its content. This document is attached below.

Annotated Bib