Project Development


Mentor involvement

Friday, January 29, 2021

This month I was able to talk to 3 mentors. Doug Boyd helped me understand airflow and showed me how to find the air circulation per hour. Doug works at UCC Southbury and recently helped them revamp their Air circulation system. Like me, they realized to help stop the spread of COVID you need to have a good circulation of air. I gained many useful tips from him which are attached.

Susan Solinsky (who is pictured on the left) and Alisson Grover helped me gain a better understanding of COVID-19. Both are in the medical field and work with COVID patients every day. They also keep up on new research and news about COVID-19 daily. We talked about how they are able to minimize contact and how they disinfect surface areas in their workplace. I have a transcript and notes from our meet attached.

Mentor notes
Img 9978


Friday, January 29, 2021

I have created both a digital and physical model of my project. The picture shown is of my physical dome. with this dome, I am able to test my theory and make corrections to any data. I have run into many complication s when creating this dome. I have had to change the substance I used to represent the COVID-19 molecules various times and find fans that were small but strong enough to show the airflow.

For my digital model which is attached, I was able to portray what happens in the dome more clearly. Using the Software Blender I was able to show the particles moving around the dome with the model that is currently being used and what I have done to reimagine and improve the dome.

DIgital and Phisical Prototype