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Our Mentor

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Casey Hublebank
Phil's Driving School
East Haven, CT 06512

*Note: Due to schedule differences, and time constraints, East Haven High School was unable to establish a working partnership with our mentor.

Goal of Working with Mentor: We had hoped that Casey could provide us insight into the dangers of adolescent distracted driving first hand as a driving instructor.


Why we chose our mentor

Friday, May 07, 2021

We chose Casey because we recognized his experience with young drivers and driver safety. He seemed to be a good fit for our project. We were hoping to make a connection with someone who is valuable and respected in his line of work. Cassie has many years of experiences and knowledge. We would have like to have used his experience to hear what he's observed and experienced about distracted driving, stress, and fatigue. Secondly, our hope was to have him give us his opinion about the FCUS adaptor. Though we did not have any video or in person meetings we have had many conversations though our email about FCUS and our team.