Project Process

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Friday, April 09, 2021

Creation of StoryBoard:

We designed a storyboard for the commercial. It consists of 4 different parts. First, we did this by filming someone getting “hit” (not actually just acting) with a moving vehicle while not paying attention. We wanted to include this into the commercial to show our viewers what can happen without SwiftStep. We then wanted to film the shoe in action, by having a model putting on the physical shoe and getting shots of the model running, walking, and crossing the street to display the shoe to viewers and how the shoe will look in action. Then we wanted to include 3d models of the shoe so that people will have an idea of how it works. For the final part of the commercial we wanted to show the team once again but in the process of making the shoe to show how hard the team worked to get this far and making SwiftStep possible.

Creation of Script:

The inspiration for the script was to be real with customers. We wanted to incorporate a lot of facts to assure people that they will be safe using our product. Another main thing was that we wanted to appeal to many audiences, not just one group of people so that we could get more sales.

Swift step logo

Research and Analytics

Monday, April 26, 2021

Some of the research the Research and Analytics was the size of market we wanted to find out the amount of people our our product could help and who was most likely to buy our product. Along with the size of market, we looked up the amount of accidents that happen each year to distracted walking to see the amount of people we could help save from getting hit by cars. Next, we researched if there was any other products that were like our and that it was unique. Then, we researched the cost of the products that we would need to buy in order to make our shoe. Lastly, we looked up the cost to manufacturing.

Swift step logo

Concept and Design Planning Process

Monday, April 26, 2021

Our original idea for the design of the shoe was to use a seismic wave reader in order to track vibrations in the generated by the car. however the technology is to big in order to fit in a shoe so we switched from that to a radar gun. after this was the exterior of the shoe and which we used survey data and used the color scheme also present in the logo. after this we designed the shoe and later a mock-up.