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Mentor - John Johnson

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

PKI is proud to welcome Mr. John Johnson as our Practitioner-Mentor for our Expo project of 2021. Mr. Johnson has worked in the food preparation field for three decades as a chef, restaurant manager, running a food truck, and most recently as a manager in the grocery department of a BJ's Wholesale. Over the years he has seen some very clean as well as very unsanitary food preparation areas. He is helping us vet our cutting board.

Update: We recently (on 4/4/21) had a google meet with Mr. Johnson. Our discussion with Mr. Johnson about a few topics like his job experience, sanitation process, and all about our project, in general, is linked here.

Thanks to Mr. Johnson for his lending expertise and support.

Mentor- Interview - SD
Tasleem samji

2nd Mentor - Tasleem Samji PhD

Friday, May 07, 2021

Dr.Samji is an Associate Manager - Research Program Manager at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. She specializes in microbiology, therefore she has been a huge help to our project. She has worked at Yale, Cambridge, and North London Collegiate on their research teams. Mr.Connelly, our biology teacher is friends with her. So we gave him an email to send to her. He emailed her our email and she gives us her input. She is very busy so we could not do a google meet. Which is all okay! We put the screenshots of what her advice was for us on the side.

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