Research and Data

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Research Outline

While my annotated bibliography contains much of my academic research in a more professional manner, my research outline contains a broader amount of information that shows my gradual process in researching each part of my project.

Research Outline for LD
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Annotated Bibliography

This is where you can find my annotated bibliography, where a large amount of my academic research has been gathered.

Expo 2021 Annotated Bibliography
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Outreach Data Analysis

As I prepared to create my first prototype, I reached out to teachers and staff at my high school to gain an understanding of what they would look for from this product. The data that I gathered from this exercise proved vital to knowing how interested people would be in purchasing my product, as well as in what people would want to see. Linked below is my full analysis of this data, including charts and figures relating to this information.

Memento's Outreach Feedback
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Experiment Analysis and Results

After reading the Memento to her father, Mrs.Pelletier found that he was noticeably more responsive to questions related to his Corvette, as well as to racing, and his relationship with his friend that was featured in the Memento alongside him. Below, I attached a video that shows her asking questions to her father after the Memento was read to him, and her father being able to respond and describe different scenarios from his past. While these results are promising for my goal of trying to revive past memories, Mrs.Pelletier did also note that her father had very positive reactions while the story was being read, showing the Memento's ability to immerse him in the experience I was describing.

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My Experiment

For my experiment, Mrs.Pelletier has volunteered to try a Memento with her father, who has dementia and is living in a care facility in Colorado. With this being my first Memento that I have made so far, I'm excited to see her and her father's reactions. While these reactions may not be quantifiable through numeric values, if her father has a positive reaction to the story and Mrs.Pelletier is able to have strong interactions with him afterwards, I think it's safe to say that my experiment will have been a success. Included in this section is a photo of her father, which Mrs.Pelletier has given me permission to use.