Research and Data

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Data Analysis and Results

During this time where I have been using my family, we have walked a total of 16.32 miles. My initial goal was to reach 5 miles total to represent walking to Quassy from the elementary school and back. Along with that today on May 25 we walked a bonus 4 miles.

The First Steps
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This is the video that would have been shown to the elementary school children while they walked, so that they they could have felt like they were really walking somewhere.
The start of this video was also lost when trying to import the clips.

The Walk to Quassy


The distance from LMES to Quassy is about 2.1 miles. One mile is approximately 2,000 steps, for healthy adults it is recommended to take between 4,000 and 18,000 steps a day. I will be making my family walk a total of five miles which is approximately 10,000 steps which is just about in the middle of recommended steps. This distance also represents the distance too and from Quassy

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My Mentor is Melodie McVerry, Physical Education Teacher, Long Meadow Elementary School. My mentor was such a great help to me because she was going to let me go and use some of her classes as part of my testing group for my project. Not only this but she gave me a lot of helpful advice on how the most efficient was to run my testing and not only that but also what I should say to all of the children. This was so there would no way for me to offend or make anyone self conscious because you should be happy in your body no matter what.

Mentor Picture