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Coco, SusanTeacher
Saladin, Audra
Joyce, Kadin
Cimino, Christyan
D'amato, Riley
Gionfriddo, Emmett
Barbara, Joshua


What kind of Youtube Channel are you creating?
We will be working with our existing BlueEagle Production YouTube channel. We plan on tracking our analytics using our #WhatIfEagles. We decided this would be much more impactful on the study body, as we've worked really hard to get BlueEagle News as a recognizable source of information. We believe this would be a much easier way to measure the success or impact this will have on our school community.
Describe what content you will be creating and why you think this will be engaging for your audience? Who is your audience?
We will be creating media packages using #WhatIfEagles as our theme. Media will include posters, videos, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, and Facebook posts, etc. We plan on engaging our student community by encouraging them to make a positive change through our school environment.
Describe how you plan to collect and apply data (e.g. audience or users as well as research) to support the impact of your YouTube Channel.
We plan on collecting data by looking at the analytics on all the medias where we have used #WhatIfEagles.
How does your YouTube Channel address this year’s Expo Fest theme?
We are using What If... to challenge students to do a variety of things. Ultimately, what if we could make a difference.
What inspired your project? How do you separate your work from existing work in the field?
Our group was talking about the negativity that is in the school and we decided that we were going to try to make a difference and try and bring more positivity into the school.
Is there any particular aspect of the project with which your team would like assistance or feedback?
Not sure about this presentation that we will need to do. It is our first time through and we are a bit nervous.
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your project?
We are really excited about the changes this project has already brought to the school. Our advisor has received emails from other teachers letting us know they have something that would work really well with the "WhatIfEagle" theme.

Expo Fest Presentation Upload

Team Advisors

Sue Coco


We post all of our videos on BlueEagle Production website as well as all the #WhatIfEagles, #EaglesMakeADifference
This is the site that will house our videos for #WhatifEagles


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