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Team final


Tanguay, RaymondTeacher
Chen, GrantTeacher
Arias, Joseph
Tacuri, Brian
Tagan, Maxwell
Ronalter, Brent
Minnifield, Laamaj
Ferrier, Austin
Isaac, Khobe
Distin, Rory
Sanford, Blake
Prisco, Giovanni
Simo-kinzer, Aidan
Arigoni, Sean
Audet, Shane
Audia, Cameron


What is the problem or opportunity you have identified?
The problem we have identified is charging your phone in public wall outlet. The phone on the floor gets dirty and becomes a safety hazard by placing cords where people can trip and injure themselves or the phone can get damaged. Cell phone screens rarely get cleaned, so germ buildup and transfer of germs and bacteria is a problem. People need an easily accessible method to clean their phones. One opportunity we discussed was making use of the back of the phone case which is highly underutilized and you have to buy a new case for every addon for the back of the phone. Please see the "Design Process Tab" on our website.
Provide a description of your proposed solution or innovation (product or service) and how it is both innovation and effective.
Our solution is a marketing campaign for our new company called Phone Shield Corporation. The Phone Shield Corporation will design a phone hammock made out of an antimicrobial cloth to keep the phone off of the ground to prevent germs and bacteria from getting on the phone. This will also prevent the phone from getting damaged and people from tripping on the cord. Phone Shield Corporation will also design a phone case with interchangeable parts to fit your needs. The addons for the PhoneBacks will be applied using adhesive tape that is removable. Please see our "Design Process" Tab on our website.
How does your project address the overall Expo Fest theme of What If?
Our project addresses the theme of What If by stating, “What if there was a better way to charge a phone using a wall charger?”“What if we could make better use of the backside of the phone which is not used now?” “What if cell phone screens were cleaned on a regular basis?” Please see our "Design Process" Tab on our website.
Describe how you plan to collect and apply data to support the need for and relevance of your proposed solution.
We will collect data from surveys conducted to the general public and we will research the amount of bacteria on an average phone case. We will experiment on how effective and beneficial the phone case is in our school hallways. Please see the "Lab Report" tab on our website for more information
Is there any particular aspect of the project with which your team would like assistance or feedback? (Not required)
Throughout the project we have been provided with assistance from Mr. Pace, Commercial Sewing, Ward Leonard, Mr. Tanguay, Mrs. Minicucci, and Mr. Viellieux they helped us with guidance, sewing, preparedness, apparel, and marketing.(see expert imput page on our website)
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your project? (Not required)
Our sophomore team was in academics for the past two weeks, and Ms. Cameron Audia gave us permission to finish off Launchpad and our website by Friday, 5/24/19 at 2pm. (the end of our school day). We Beta Tested our website to the teachers in our school to see if different browsers can view the website differently. Some teachers reported that the Iphone7 and older versions of Explorer caused the website to be viewed incorrectly. Our website works best using Google Chrome for the optimum viewing experience. Thanks for your help, The PhoneShield Team

Team Advisors

Mike Pace-Skills 21 Advisor
Ray Tanguay-mechanical engineer instructor
Susan Minicucci-seamstress
Ben Viellieux-Owner Been Printed LLC
Tom Walsh-Carpentry Instructor
Joanne Girardin-english review website
David Mazzerelli- Owner Commercial, Sewing Torrington, CT
Dan Miller- Employee of The Binding Source, LLC, Torrington, CT
Matt Gilbert- Employee of The Binding Source, LLC, Torrington, CT
Al Gravel- Modelcraft, Plymouth, CT


This sources talks about off Brand chargers that cause the phone to overheat, so it is recommended to use the original charger that was with the phone.
This sources reads about the flammability of different textiles and how strong they are towards heat.
These images are on our website
This source shows how your phone can get hot and some ways to slow the heat down/cooling down the average temperature is 37-43 degrees.
This source shows this phone case model that can show wind in meter measurement, this is good for wind sport enthusiasts.
This source is a phone case add on source but none of the aspects that our phone kit carries.
This source has the wall aspect not wall assessable not easy to slip into your pocket. This item is not for sale it is a lotion bottle on a wall outlet.
On this pinterest pin this has the charging and the wall aspect but it could fall out at any time (your phone).
With this design from the etsy website this design is one of the closest we have to a competitor. It has the similar wall aspect but no charging aspect. 64.11$ USD is the price for this item.
With this design from the etsy website this design is one of the closest we have to a competitor. It has the similar wall aspect but no charging aspect. 64.11$ USD is the price for this item.
This source shows how on your general phone there is 94.5% of phones on average have either single or bacterial agents.
This source shows from their studies they found the highest bacterial count on secondary school students phones. Out of the 27 mobile phones tested there was 100% bacteria found on all 27 mobile phones (this page is a continuing page from above).
This source shows “why your cellphone has more germs than a toilet” approximately 10x more germs than a toilet. “How many times a day do you touch your phone?” this source asked.
This source is about how according to this study 124/150 showed bacterial growth which shows that most phones have bacteria on them which some of these bacteria can be fatal to your health.
This source is where we got some of our information about cleaning your phone properly. For example using a antimicrobial cloth that u can clean your phone with.
This source describes how according to the studies they did in the U.K according to the studies 92% of phones had bacteria on them, and 82% of hands had bacteria. So from this we can see that your average phone has more bacteria than your hands.
This source show that the average phone is 10x dirtier than a toilet seat. This source also shows how every time the average person touches anything it attracts germs some can be fatal.


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